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We translate the following tyes of documents - almost everything!

  • Brochures: Product and image brochures
  • Data sheets, product and patent descriptions, application information
  • Operating instructions and manuals - from a single page up to complete technical manuals
  • Specialist articles for magazines and other publications
  • Presentations for congresses, seminars and sales meetings
  • Web sites - direct in HTML where required
  • Advertisements - usually not direct translations, but a suitable text to match the picture!


Depending on the degree of difficulty and delivery time, our prices range from 1.00 to
1.65 (excl. VAT) for a line of 55 characters in length. Just send us your document or a few representative pages and we will be pleased to give you a quotation.

Texts for advertisements, software menus and lists are usually billed on a time basis. Ask us for the hourly rates. With today's technology the transfer of your documents does not normally present a problem. E-mail or CD is the usual method.

Ing.-Büro Roy O'Connor| info@oconnor.de