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The engineering consultants for technical translations

Our translators are experienced engineers or technicians who only translate into their native language. With highly specialised text this is of course no guarantee for a trouble-free translation, but at least the basic requirements for a high quality translation are fulfilled.


Specialist fields

We offer a wide range of specialist and technical fields. The main fields are listed below. If your field of activity is not represented, please contact us.

It is not possible in this small space to give a full list of all the topics we have dealt with in the past. But it gives you an impression of the very varied specialist fields.

Typical translation topics:

Electrical engineering / electronics: Sensors; strain gauges; rechargeable batteries; measuring amplifiers; film & video; PCB descriptions; railway electrification.

Automation: PLCs; CNC; materials handling; factory & process automation.

Computing: Measurement & communications software; software for process engineering; real-time operating systems; training software; Internet / web-based technology.

Communications: Telephone exchange systems; data transmission; e-mail systems; telecontrol.

Mechanical engineering: Tribology; laser, plasma and autogenous cutting; automotive engineering; railway engineering; materials testing; gas measurement technology; safety engineering (incl. radiation protection).

Civil engineering: Load-bearing capacity (on bridges and buildings); road building; tender specifications; hydro-electric projects.

Aerospace: Wind-tunnel measurements; aircraft maintenance & construction; satellite systems.

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